Valentine's has passed, the New Year motivation is fading, and we are entering a phase before Spring really bursts into view...

It is perfect time to focus on Self and Self Love.

What could be more important than to love and feel love as you breath in and out in each moment?  When we tune ourselves to the vibrations of loving self, we make choices from that high flying place where we care about our bodies, others, and our surroundings.  Acting from a place of love impacts the entire world around us!

“Embrace yourself, in these times, and acknowledge yourself for the extraordinary progress you are making, in every waking moment."

When we focus on love and allow ourselves to feel the sun shining on our lives, we allow a dialogue with our soul to unfold and lead us to the highest and best path to follow and flow.

The first step, is acknowledgement of our Now experience.  No matter where we want to be, we must come to acceptance of where we are right now.  Once we have established a starting point from where we can grow, we can forgive any unnecessary faults we see in the present moment, whether a body image, undesirable relationships, or non manifested expectations...

In the moments of letting go, and appreciation for a conscious understanding of our Now starting point, we can allow for relief to flow in and with it inspiration for an even better future.

“Understanding and compassion dissolve the fears. There is release, relief and a return to joy. You feel so much better!"

Take a moment when you wake in the morning to acknowledge where you are, feel compassion and love for yourself and focus on anything and everything that brings love into your life.  There is no feeling too small, from your favorite pet, the smell of fresh coffee, the sunrise, flowers along the freeway...keep going...

Spend time tuning yourself to the vibrations of love and your life will soon unfold full of the love you give!