I love change and variety...I like moving furniture around my home and office, love new clothes, new songs, new inspirations in life - and with all of the variety I also love my daily habits!  I've been working for years to really tap into the parts of my life that lead to great days.  I've especially learned that when my body feels good, and my mind is on board and focused, and my heart is in the right vibration - well life is an awesome ride!

With so many "Try This" advice out there, I thought I could share what I've tested and live by on a daily basis.  Sure, I have my "gone to the beach" days where the rules fly out the window, and boy, are they fun too...but not for long as my "Being" likes to be in sync with my healthy habits.  So if you're looking for some good advice on getting your health grove back on track or just tuned up, give all or some of these a try:

1.  Green Juice Junkie.  I first tried the green stuff at my local farmer's market in La Jolla, where I would buy a bottle that lasted all week.  After about a month, I was buying 2 at a time, and then, well you know the story...we started a juice biz!  But we have gone through so many fun recipes starting with smoothies that included lots of fruit and handfuls of greens.  We went from the standard blender to the awesome #VitaMix and our blends became more sophisticated.  Our supplemental smoothies later became a cleanse and we added more "juiced" versions.  We ended up with a pressed juicer that squeezed all the greens to ultimate perfection, and we were satisfied!  So was my belly!  5 years later we have created my favorite green "Power" juice that I am addicted to and consume 2x per day.  I highly recommend adding green juice to your life - and Raw juice really has more impact than the store bought versions, so make your own, or get on a regular delivery because in the end you got all your veggies in and you WILL notice the benefits!

2.  Daily Yoga Routine.  Being a mom of 3, I found it challenging to get a daily dose of yoga until I let all MY rules fly out the window!  I tried classes, online yoga, getting up at 4am, and even yoga before bed...none of which I could make stick with my busy life.  It really wasn't until recently I realized I could have a 20 min. routine, right when I wake up that included the same 5 sets and a meditation to feel like I was ready to take on the day.  I like the Kundalini version of 40 day challenges, where you choose your routine and keep going for 40 days.  I do still try to get to yoga class 1 or 2x per week, but now at least I start each day, connecting with myself.

3.  Time for Self.  Speaking of connecting to self, this is the highlight of my day!  I love to journal, sing, daydream, and just focus my attention on my desires and getting myself in the right alignment.  Taking time for yourself is so important!  We are constantly looking outside ourselves for approval or feedback and the relationship we develop with our own self is truly the most important.  The more time I can reconnect and focus on ME, the better the day goes, because in those moments I am reminded - this is my life, and I want to be the one to love and enjoy it!

4.  Get Outside!  I used to work with this amazing energy healer who would constantly remind me to get off the computer (or device) and go take a walk, or just get some air.  It really took me about 3 years to get it.  Our recent experience of 7 months in Baja, MX left us with no internet connection unless at a wifi hotspot (also very rare).  For months I had to learn to disconnect from the constant feedback of the internet and where did I end up?  Outside.  I took walks, went to the beach, read under trees, any chance I could get to get outside...and now, back in the US I need breaks.  I can feel my energy zap after a couple hours on the net and as soon as I get out into the world and take a break - I'm good to go again.  So Go get some air, and often.

5.  Sleep it off.  This always came easy for me.  When I would coach my Weight loss clients and we came to this topic, I was surprised at the lack of sleep in their days.  Maybe being a busy mom, active exerciser, business owner, and early riser led me to bed for a happy 8 hours on a daily basis...either way, sleep is SO important.  Not only are we healing, physically and emotionally when we sleep, but our brain's are getting a much needed break from the constant input of daily life.    When we sleep, we get to unplug and disconnect, so when we wake, we feel more whole, available, and ready for life's surprises!


What keeps you on track?  I would love to hear your personal experience - thanks for sharing!